Tuesday , June 6 2023

Will wholesale auction prices for .xyz keep going up?


Sav.com and Docky.Ly are continuing to get some great wholesale pricing for expired and dropped .xyz names.

Over the past month we are seeing names go for $2,500 routinely. Cafe.xyz became the second name to hit the $7,450 mark, the highest price we have witnessed from these two sites.

cafe.xyz 7,450 USD 2021-12-04 Sav.com
living.xyz 7,450 USD 2021-11-20 Sav.com
street.xyz 6,050 USD 2021-12-02 Sav.com
author.xyz 5,450 USD 2021-12-04 Sav.com
cyber.xyz 4,050 USD 2021-11-28 Docky.ly
recovery.xyz 3,750 USD 2021-12-05 Sav.com
europe.xyz 3,350 USD 2021-10-31 Sav.com
cool.xyz 2,959 USD 2021-11-30 Sav.com
court.xyz 2,850 USD 2021-10-28 Sav.com
justice.xyz 2,800 USD 2021-11-10 Sav.com

Of course Swetha and now Nikul are making great strides in the retail market and it’s fueling a hunger for more investors to pick up .xyz domain names. The question is can this pricing be sustained and will we see prices going higher. .xyz still has a way to go to catch up to .io.

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