Saturday , March 25 2023

NameJet Extends Auctions Impacted by Technical Difficulties

Yesterday afternoon, I had a tough time visiting NameJet’s website. It seemed that every time I tried to visit an auction page or my control panel, I saw an error message. I frequently saw that NameJet Maintenance landing page, which I asked others about on Twitter:

I heard from others who had the same issues accessing auctions yesterday afternoon. Later on in the day, NameJet’s sister platform, SnapNames, posted an update about the issues on Twitter:

I can see that many auctions in which I was a participant have been extended to end today. There is a notice on the top of my account page:

High profile names in the Thought Convergence auction have been extended to end today. (high bid of $260,001), (high bid of $176,000), (high bid of $2,250,000 – reserve not yet met), and quite a few others have been extended to close this afternoon.

In addition to these private domain name auctions, some expiry auctions have also been extended. (high bid of $73,000) and (high bid of $81,000) were extended to this afternoon.

Hopefully the technical difficulties have been remedied and today’s auctions close without issue.

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