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2021 will have the highest number of reported new gtld sales (A look back through the years)

New Gtld Domain Name Sales

The number of reported new gtld sales in 2021 will more than double 2020, it will actually be the highest number of sales in a year ever. However for the first time the average price per sale is below the $2K mark.

More companies, especially those in the Web 3 arena, (Crypto, blockchain, NFT, Defi, Metaverse) are willing to go with a new gtld domain name.

Entrepreneur published a piece last week on startups and domain name choices, now the piece has bias to it as the author Julia Weikel works for Donuts. But Julia does do good work in her writing as far as I am concerned. Those unfamiliar with the domain industry reading Entrepreneur will have no knowledge of an author bias and the article will probably have more of them pondering using a new gtld.

I was talking to Yinan Wang and I mentioned that a potential client was rather crass in discussing his potential domain name choices. A friend of mine suggested I talk to this guy about potential stealth domain acquisitions. The guy starts off with, “We don’t suck the .com dick!!!” He went on to say he was in his twenties and does not care much for what “old heads” have to say. He went on that he was looking for a deal in .com or had no problems using an alt extension.

After he told me what he was looking for and his budget, I told him I would have to pass as I would have an easier time finding an actual real life unicorn.


Total Sales 1,362
Dollar Volume $4.8m
Average Price $3,521


Total Sales 1,320
Dollar Volume $4.7m
Average Price $3,587


Total Sales 1,008
Dollar Volume $5.2m
Average Price $5,123


Total Sales 1,496
Dollar Volume $5.8m
Average Price $3,847


Total Sales 895
Dollar Volume $3.5m
Average Price $3,886


Total Sales 1,051
Dollar Value $2.3m
Average Price $2,212


Total Sales 2,274
Dollar Value $4.4m
Average Price $1,947

The star extension of 2021 is mot definitely .xyz. The extension has produced 469 of the 2,274 sales. With $1.5m in reported sales .xyz has generated 1/3 of all new gtld domain name sales in 2021. The person of the year has certainly been Swetha from, it is one of the most impressive years on record for a domain investor.

It’s wild to think .xyz had just 14 reported sales in 2019.

It is important for those new to domaining or those who have been around for a few years and never paid any attention to .xyz, to not take risks they cannot afford. .Xyz is very unique in that one person owns such a large majority of one word names and has been having outlier like success in selling them.

Just as you cannot go back in time and replicate what Rick or Frank did, it will be hard to have the same success Swetha has been having in .xyz on a sustained basis. She owns 19,000 names, that is quite a responsibility to maintain a portfolio that large.

Wholesales prices have been going up, you need to focus on what has been selling in .xyz and it’s not all niches.

You also need to be careful of premium renewals in .xyz just like .tv.

.Club also had a solid year with over $700K in sales, led by

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported each month. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to, and by, reliable sources.

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