Saturday , March 25 2023

Do you have a Moral Compass?

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The domain name has expired after 20 years, this aged dot com domain name closes tomorrow and bidding is already up to $3,000 USD.

The domain name is registered at and has been registered since 8th of November 2001, an early screenshot from Archive back in 2006 we can see it was developed the website by a company named Moral Intelligence, however for the past few years the domain name has been parked with GoDaddy Landers.

The domain name appears to have been owned or registered to David Harrenstein of Lanesboro Web Management Group and I am not sure if they have just let this one expire themselves or if a client has chosen to not renew the domain name after 20 years, they do have a small portfolio of domain names registered against them but some of these could be client names possible as they are a web management company.

It’s a difficult domain name to develop and while I see an opportunity to monetize it being slim it is a popular saying… examples such as “Do you have a Moral Compass?” or “Have you they lose their Moral Compass?”

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