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Dynadot Top 10 Aftermarket Sales –November 2021

Dynadot 2021 November Domain Name Sales

Dynadot released their November sales data in a number of categories. Expired auctions, Last Chance auctions, Backorder auctions, User auctions and Marketplace.

Again the top sales are ETH related, last month the top sale was Eth.green at $45,000. They sold eth.digital for $14,199 in an exclusive platinum auction they ran with Donuts. November was also about ETH, they sold two more colors in the ETH niche. Eth.black and Eth.pink both at $30,000.

MyMetaFarm.com for $6,200 that’s just wow. Created on 2021-08-26.


Domain Name Sold Price
eth.pink $30,000.00
eth.black $30,000.00
mymetafarm.com $6,200.00
pain.clinic $5,500.00
ecoclean.group $5,000.00
moviefi.net $4,380.40
kreator.io $3,950.00
sportfi.net $3,911.07
drakomedia.com $2,895.00
ausx.com $1,499.00


Domain Name Sold Price
streamnba.com $5,988.00
jybo.com $2,182.78
nasul.com $2,155.06
streammlb.com $2,025.00
block.game $1,919.00
streamnhl.com $1,913.00
eth.gift $1,597.44
gifts.click $1,533.00
toonget.net $1,533.00
cryptoinvestor.io $1,426.00

Read the full report on Dynadot

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