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I was doing some research about what more to write about on Robbies Blog not just covering the auctions and available domain names lists as I noticed a drop off in traffic of these posts the past few days, albeit earnings from these posts are the highest I have seen on the blog in the past 10 years so maybe you guys do like them but one area, I thought I would instead highlight is news about domain names that I have come across online.

This first story is about an Exact Match Domain Name – which was registered in 2016 by Annem Hobson after creating her own Cheese Advent Calendar which is now stocked in Supermarkets and has sold over 750,000 Units in the past five years – Read the full story by clicking here.

This second story is again about another Exact Match Domain Name, which was registered by Abe Kasbo of Verasoni, who noted that while you can get a Free Covid Test in New Jersey, the radio advert or as many of us know the “Radio Test” for the domain name they were using is – “Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue” say Abe Kasbo jumped on GoDaddy and registered the domain name for $10 USD, well he could have saved 50% if he used my link haha…- Read the full story by clicking here.

This last story is about how this VC company choose not to read pitches from startups sending decks on Gmail etc… They aren’t taking you seriously due to the domain name you sent your email pitch from, now many of us know that most startups are opting for .io, .ai, .co, etc until they have the funds to acquire the .com TLD, not in all instances but most… however it’s interesting to read about what happened in this story – Read the full story by clicking here.

Looking for a domain name deal, check out this list of picks ending in the next 24 hours… Some bargains to be had from this list of domains.

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