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Rick Schwartz Values 55 x Domains Names for under $300 Million USD –

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The Domain King aka Rick Schwartz, tweeted today about how pivotal 2021 has been for domain names, Rick is no stranger to high ticket sales, having sold some of his prized assets from his domain name portfolio of over 6,500 domain names for over $20 Million USD in published sales, more in NDA and then has had equity deals and PPC earnings bringing another $20 Million USD+ over the past 20 years in the industry.

We know Rick has an upcoming deal on which we wrote about earlier in the year which values that domain deal at $35 Million USD.

Here Rick notes that while “I’ve NEVER valued my entire portfolio! What I do know, is of 6500 #Domains there are 750+ w/ GREAT value I have 55 #DomainNames listed on DomainKing w/ a value totaling $298,714,888 not including Property & Properties! I’ve led the way 2 get TOP DOLLAR by CONVICTION & BELIEF!”

Let’s round it up and call it $300 Million USD on 55 domain names that is an average of $5,454,545.45 per domain name or in Ricks valuation of $298,714,888 equates to $5,431,179.78 per domain name…

You can check out the domain names in the Domain Kings portfolio by clicking here…

Rick Schwartz Domain Names

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