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It’s not just Swetha selling .xyz domain names

.xyz domain names

There has been a good deal of discussion around .xyz sales as being unique to Swetha. (Of course others have made sales) In a post on Namepros, Lox detailed how he conducted a test with .xyz and the results were pretty good, though it’s fair to point out this was a small test, no one should read it as being easy.

Lox wrote:

In order to test the market, I registered 10 two word xyz domain names and acquired only 4 one word domains (low 4fig).

2 months 23 days after: 1 one word .xyz sold for $38.000 , 1 two words for $2330, 1 two words for $6250.

But, I have to reach the right audience, another cultural craze – crypto/chain dev folks.

… test continue.

He then broke down how the money played out,

… 126 hours to collect valid data (reliable sources), analyze and arrange the data, describe 5W – who, what, when, where (from), and why (5 of 54 factors) and writing a good conclusion +summary in pdf presentation for (5 of 11 vip): CFO, CEO, CEO Sales and Marketing, Tech supervisor …
I spend 32 hours 40 min communicating via email, facetime & phone.

+ $46580
– $16303 (35% goes to employees)
– $9090 (investment: 4 one word $9080, 10 reg. $10)
– $7414.50 (other duties)
———- sub total
+ $13764.50
– $1376.45 (10% donations/charity projects)
– $119 new sneakers, size 9.5

——— total
+ $12269.05

Another member William V wrote that he sold a 4 letter xyz last month for 24,500, he has had it since the launch along with about 80 others.

I like the test Lox conducted and think it’s good for new investors to see the process it took to conduct the test.

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