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Virgin Enterprises WIPO Cases 2021 –

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Virgin Enterprises owned by Billionaire Sir Richard Branson has been active this year in protecting their brand online, we can see over 40 cases have been raised and the majority of them have been won with a few still active at present most likely now with the decision to come in the new year.

Virgin Enterprises to our knowledge has raised 216 WIPO cases noting from the records on the Domain Name Disputes website, of that historical case data over 80% has been won by Virgin Enterprises however they haven’t won all of their cases just look at this Reverse Domain Name Hijacking case that was brought against them after losing to back in 2017 as covered by Andrew at

The Virgin Group domain name portfolio is pretty large now exceeding 3,500 Domain Names due to so many defensive and brand protection domain registrations, we covered the portfolio last year which you can still read here.

Case No Domain Name Decision Decision Date
D2021-4108 CASE ACTIVE
D2021-3985 CASE ACTIVE
D2021-3379 TRANSFER Nov. 25, 2021
D2021-3345 TRANSFER Nov. 15, 2021
D2021-3323 CASE ACTIVE
D2021-3293 TRANSFER Nov. 19, 2021
D2021-3188 CASE ACTIVE
D2021-2995 TRANSFER Oct. 29, 2021
D2021-2956 TRANSFER Oct. 29, 2021
D2021-2955 TRANSFER Oct. 27, 2021
D2021-2689,, and 2 others… TRANSFER Oct. 10, 2021
D2021-2610 CASE ACTIVE
D2021-2604,, and 3 others… TRANSFER Nov. 4, 2021
D2021-2597 TRANSFER Nov. 9, 2021
D2021-2516 TRANSFER Nov. 3, 2021
D2021-2508 TRANSFER Oct. 8, 2021
D2021-2470 TRANSFER Sept. 20, 2021
D2021-2293 TRANSFER Sept. 3, 2021
D2021-1828 TRANSFER Aug. 12, 2021
D2021-1731 TRANSFER Aug. 10, 2021
D2021-1668 TRANSFER Aug. 12, 2021
D2021-1428 TRANSFER July 12, 2021
D2021-1398 TRANSFER June 23, 2021
D2021-1328 TRANSFER June 24, 2021
D2021-1270 TRANSFER June 21, 2021
D2021-1267 TRANSFER June 30, 2021
D2021-1253, TRANSFER, CANCELLATION IN PART June 10, 2021
D2021-1161 TRANSFER May 31, 2021
D2021-1006 TRANSFER June 16, 2021
D2021-0795 TRANSFER May 31, 2021
D2021-0461 TRANSFER April 8, 2021
D2021-0406 TRANSFER March 29, 2021
D2021-0385 TRANSFER March 18, 2021
D2021-0083 TRANSFER April 26, 2021
D2021-0054 TRANSFER March 4, 2021
DPW2021-0003 TRANSFER July 20, 2021
D2020-3491 TRANSFER Feb. 16, 2021
D2020-3311 TRANSFER Feb. 24, 2021
D2020-2995 TRANSFER Jan. 8, 2021

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