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Top 10 Dot XYZ Published Sales Of 2021 – Sold for $445,328 USD –

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The Top 10 Dot XYZ Reported Domain Name Sales of 2021 total $445,328 USD – Below is the breakdown of what’s happened with them since they were sold this year.

None of these domain names broke Six Figures, Actually, according to there hasn’t been a Six-Figure Sale of a .XYZ domain name reported publicly in the Last Five Years!

Unless another sale is confirmed in the next few days Glow.XYZ will be regarded as the highest sold domain name sale of 2021 for a .XYZ domain name publicly recorded at $78,888 USD.

3 of the 10 domain names that were sold in 2021 have been developed into websites, 1 forwards to a dot com domain, 3 still redirects to sold pages and finally, 2 of the domain names that were sold in 2021 do not resolve at present.

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Top 10 Dot XYZ Published Sales Of 2021 – Sold for $445,328 USD

Rank Domain Name Published Sale Price Developed Industry
#1 USD 78,888.00 No Lander
#2 USD 69,888.00 No Does Not Resolve
#3 USD 50,000.00 No Lander
#4 USD 49,000.00 No Does Not Resolve
#5 USD 39,888.00 Forwards Social Media Discord
#6 USD 37,000.00 No Hosting Error
#7 USD 34,888.00 Yes NFT Marketplace
#8 USD 30,000.00 No Lander
#9 USD 27,888.00 Yes Social Media Blockchain
#10 USD 27,888.00 Yes NFT Marketplace

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