Wednesday , March 22 2023

Rick Schwartz Announces $40 Million USD+ in sales for 2021 –

Rick Schwartz Domain King

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Rick Schwartz aka the Domain King announced on New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay) he tweeted  “Been a GREAT 2021. Sold Gobet .com for $850k Sold BestOdds .com for $3.6 Million +++ Sold Property .com for $36 Million Candy .com was sold for an undisclosed amount, but it was a LOT!! So for ME, 4 deals in 1 year is a LOT! I don’t rush to sell appreciating assets! ”

Rick has been in the domain name space for over two decades and has only sold a tiny proportion of domains from his 6,500 Domain Name Portfolio, you can check out that portfolio here that he recently valued at over 300,000,000 USD.

Congrats to Rick for announcing $40,450,000+ USD in domain name sales for 2021 and if you are looking for some inspiration in 2022 in your domain name career, then you should check out Rick’s Blog, it has tons of articles from the past where you can learn a lot about domain name investing, Want to start your own blog? see this list of Available To Register First Name

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