Friday , June 2 2023

Top Podcast Downloads for December » Kickstart Commerce

Here’s a look at the top 5 podcasts for Kickstart Commerce in December, ranked by the total number of monthly downloads:

The Myth, The Man, The Legend Behind — Ron Jackson // Tune in as Ron and I discuss what led to the birth of (— The Domain Industry News Magazine. We then talk about important metrics to watch for and use from DNJournal, and domain sales report in general when buying and selling domains.

Selling Domains Using The Dan Outbound Method with Alex Verdea // Tune in as Alex shares how he overcomes objections during the domain negotiation process, and how it led him to close a deal after 32 attempts.

From Hawking Airplane Headsets to Brokering Domains with Brooke Hernandez // Tune in as Brooke and I chat about her early days in the domain industry working for with Tessa Holcomb, Jeff Gabriel, and Amanda Waltz. Brooke also shares how she educates herself and refines the valuation of domains for buyers and sellers.

Sifting and Shakings Things Up Outbounding Domains with Leanne McMahon // Tune in as Leanne and I chat about how web design, search marketing, and customer service roles intersected with her first attempt to flip domain names via Flippa.

How to Leverage gTLDs to Create One Brand Comprised of Many Digital Assets with Jon Henshaw // Tune in as Jon and I discuss how to fight the rising cost of gTLDs, when a brand should and should not consider gTLDs, and finally, how overall search marketing greatly impacts the future of domain names, and domain investing and development.

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