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The domain name (DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM) was registered last year on the 7th of November 2021 according to whois records, The domain name is registered to THE MILLENNIUM GROUP UNLTD of Georgia, USA.

The domain name itself according to records was first registered back in 2005 at that time it was offering Domain Name Registration services via Primus Telecommunications PTY LTD / Planet Domain, later on in its domain name life, it was owned by a company in Las Vegas, yet again it was offering domain name registration services, then we can see that Doug Richter of New Jersey owned it for a period of time he owns his name too.

It then appears to have expired and dropped in 2019 then sat available for anyone to register for only $4.99 at GoDaddy for the past two years before THE MILLENNIUM GROUP UNLTD registered the domain name.

According to a recent USPTO filing on Boxing Day, 26th of December 2021 applicant Kim Kearney an Indvivudal from the  United States at the correspondence address of Suite 8 -277 1911 Grayson Highway Grayson GEORGIA 30017 applied for a wordmark, trademark on the term “DOYOUOWNYOURNAME.COM” under Good and Services IC 045. US 100 101. G & S: Trademark agent services; Trademark watch services; Legal services in the nature of trademark monitoring; Legal services relating to issuing of trademark registrations; Legal services relating to the registration of trademarks; Legal services, namely, trademark searching and clearance services; Legal services, namely, preparation of applications for trademark registration; Providing assistance in the prosecution of trademark applications; Providing online searchable databases in the field of trademark applications, registrations, and title thereto. FIRST USE: 20211111. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20211111.

I personally like the domain name,, however, it’s a little long and could be prone to typo errors but a nice Dot Com to go along with the Trademark services offered by

Own Your Name Dot Com

Trademark Services offered by

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