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The Domain King makes a gamble with Corona Domain Name Investment –

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Rick Schwartz, aka The Domain King, has spent $3,995 USD on the domain name Flurona.com according to his recent Tweet, The domain was registered on the 11th of June 2021, being caught by DropCatch.com and part of the industry behemoth HugeDomains.com portfolio.

Rick also hand registered the domain name Fluona.com for less than $9… while this is a drop in the ocean for the multimillionaire domain investor who earned over $40 Million USD with a handful of domain sales last year which you can read more about here, so to spend a little over $4k on two domains, that even Rick says are a gamble but one he can afford.

What could Rick do with Flurona.com / Fluona.com most likely they will be parked and could bring a nice bit of Pay Per Click to Rick through direct navigation as Rick parks most of his domain name portfolio which you can see here over 6,500+ Domains, although Rick might choose not to on this occasion and maybe forward the domain name traffic to his website DomainKing.com, RicksBlog.com or maybe a charity/news site talking about the Coronavirus we shall just need to see what Rick chooses to do in the coming months with these two domain names.

It’s a pretty nice ROI for Huge Domains that acquired the domain name for less than $8 USD and sold it in a little over six months for $3,995 USD, Huge Domains does this type of business every day and I wrote a post about it last year on what I believe they need to sell to just to remain profitable.


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