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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, January 6th, 2022


If you missed Shane’s announcement last Sunday, you might be wondering who is this guy and where is Shane, I need my daily dose of Ford stock movement and NFT talk. Well, long story short, my name is Sean Markey and I’m going to be bringing you the daily domain listed filtered through MY experience and biases twice a week.

Before we get into the names, I thought it’d be valuable to give a little introduction, so you have an idea of who I am, and why I make my picks the way I do (and whether you should just ignore me and my bullshit altogether, who knows!).

A Quick Intro:

I’m a domain hoarder. I don’t like to sell the names I acquire. My background is in SEO and building out sites, so every day I scour the auction lists looking for domains that speak to me, that I can imagine building such an amazing website on someday. I feel like it’s important to understand where the author of these daily lists are coming.

At DSAD, there is a nice spectrum of domain investor >> domain builder:

  • Ike, from my understanding, is a traditional domain investor. Thousands of names, makes sales every day, is just trying to buy names he knows will sell, day-in-day-out.
  • I see Shane sitting in the middle of this spectrum of buyer vs builder: he has a great portfolio of names, makes the occasional big sale, and builds out the occasional domain (such as BeeHouse).
  • I sit on the other end of this spectrum from Ike–I love building sites on the names I acquire, and hoarding those names until such a time as I get around to building something.

I won’t go into my entire background (you can listen to a podcast I did with the Tropical MBA here, that goes over that + the success I’ve had in recent years building affiliate sites that produced 5-figures/mo in affiliate revenue, and the multiple six-figure exits on those sites).

But to give a brief overview in case you’re curious but don’t want to listen to a 60-min podcast about it:

  • I started doing SEO and affiliate marketing (badly) in 2011.
  • Left my job as a special ed high school teacher in 2013 to work at a local SEO agency.
  • Tried to start my own SEO agency in 2014 and failed (badly).
  • Worked at a great link building agency for several years.
  • Left that gig when my affiliate sites started blowing up.

I began reading DSAD in… 2016 maybe? I can count the days I’ve missed reading this blog probably on one hand. Most of the things I’ve internalized about what makes a good domain name over the years I’ve learned from Shane, so if my descriptions of domains sound familiar, well… I’ve really learned more from Shane and reading this site over the last 4-5 years than from anyone else.

You may have seen me around here or there in the last few years, for such things as:

  • a brief collab with Media Options on an expired domain (with an SEO focus) newsletter
  • I acquired DNgeek from Doron in March 2020 and published domain-related content there until I sold it in November 2020
  • the ‘acknowledgements’ in this domain SEO post from Mike on

To wrap up this incredibly indulgent introduction, I’m mostly known for being an expert on the topic of buying expired domains that have SEO authority, and how to use those to give a huge boost to one’s website-building efforts.

If you can’t get enough of my twice-a-week blathering on this blog, you can follow me on twitter @seanmarkey, and sign up for my weekly(ish) SEO-focused newsletter.

The Domains At Auction for January 6th, 2022: Names at Auction – IYKYK, IYDKYNGMI… – Maybe JT aka Jay Tee aka Jay to the Tenth Power aka JT Double Hockey Sticks aka Jonathan “The Royal” Tenenbaum from DomainSherpa should grab this one… – Ew. Gag site, maybe? Not a great brand… ?

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction – used to be a Spanish language guild wars website, so it has some Juice (if you’re into that sorta thing)–currently ranking for 600+ keywords. A good SEO pickup if you need some Spanish SERP authority… – a MUCH better brand to build out. Pro tip: acquire the above site, build out a spanish-language gaming site, then acquire this site and 301-redirect it to THIS site, for a powerful brand with some JUICE. – One of the most evocative names in the English language, thanks to Poe. Currently no bids–I love this one… – reserve not yet met. On the high side, but not unreasonable for a two-character .org (not a particularly meaningful number, though)… – another not-very-meaningful number, but still a with some value. Much better reserve on this one…

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Click through to see the current prices – BIG SLD, meh TLD. Still, could be something that a telemedicine company rebrands to someday. Probably not, though. – Think Different. iCloud. Cloud Computing. This brand is full of big-money tech buzzwords. I think it makes for a great online brand. – pretty generic so one could make this site into whatever-related-to-pets. Grooming. Walking. Sitting. A nice all-around pet brand. – Ohh… fancy! Solid name that I think you won’t be able to sell for more than low-four-figures, probably, as the buyer is gonna be some kind of small business. If it was a big venture backed start-up or something they’d just use or something until they hit product market fit and acquired their dream .com. – Business idea: a shipping company. Slogan: “What’s In The Box?!!” until WB sues your ass. But seriously This is an amazing generic brand, I like it. Seven Co. Has a nice sound. Could be a decent gambling/bettering site as well (777 etc). – Pew pew pew. Lasers. Plastic surgery, probably? – Solid geo name, would do well as a lead-gen SEO site if you have big connections in the Denver carpet space. – I mean… *I* don’t, but people do. I think this is a fairly solid naming convention. Over $1k at the time of writing. – Decent two-word brand… probably not worth a ton of money to anyone, but I could see building a brand on this like… a habit-breaking app? Don’t eat that piece of cake. Don’t take a sip of alcohol. Don’t smoke that cigarette. Make the tough decisions and find a better life (or don’t, and live it fast and bright and brief like a meteor, I’m not your supervisor). – GET EXTREME. EXTREME CLUB SUBSCRIPTION BOX. THIS MONTH: SCORPION BOX! WE’LL SHIP YOU A BOX OF SCORPIONS, LET THEM LOOSE IN YOUR HOUSE. WORK OUT WITH SCORPIONS. HAVE THEM CRAWL ON YOUR BODY DURING YOUR PERFORMANCE REVIEW ZOOM MEETING AND SHOW YOUR BOSS HOW EXTREEEEEEEEME YOU ARE. Cool brand, tho. – Rocket + Keyword (like Rocket Mortgage) is a pretty solid naming convention. Rocket + Global is like the umbrella brand of three Cayman Island bank accounts connected to four shell corporations… I’ve said too much… – Super two-word brand. Got that alliteration going. Got that new-age feel. You really want to trust a company called Holistic Human to make you well again… or to play the singing bowl above each of your Chakras to help balance your energies. – If you miss out on Rocket Global for your holding company name, might I suggest The Holding Company? – Gift the Earth–love this brand. What do they sell? Plants. Soil. Nutrient-rich food or supplements? Body lotion? Great, great brand.

The Entire List of Names With Bids Closing at Auction Today So You Can Easily Scan And Then Swoop In and Make a Bid: You’re Welcome

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