Friday , June 2 2023

Buy Domain Names for Your Family

I own the matching .com domain names for my wife and kids. Ironically, I don’t own my own first+last .com domain name because it is owned and used by someone else who shares my name. I’ve always thought it was important for parents to try and buy their kids’ first+last .com domain name just in case they want to use it in the future.

I came across these two tweets from Minda Harts about securing domain names for family members. Minda shared that her brother was disappointed when he tried to buy his name matching .com domain name. That feeling changed when he learned his sister had already bought it for him to use:

Not only did Minda buy her brother’s domain name, but she bought other domain names for her family members to use:

I am sure this thoughtful action was appreciated, and it is a good reminder for domain investors, too. Sometimes family won’t appreciate or won’t care about this at the time of registration, but at some point it will likely be appreciated.

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