Wednesday , March 22 2023 Sells For Six Figures – Sells For Six Figures

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The expired domain name has just closed at Expired Auctions for a whooping Six-Figure Sale at $170,888 USD.

I have no idea why has closed for such a high value, at first I assumed the backlinks must be amazing but having a review on Ahref, The domain name appears to have only 319 backlinks… So surely bidding didn’t reach this dizzy figure due to 300+ backlinks.

While it is an aged domain name being registered on the 4th of December 1997, it certainly again to me would not be a factor in the six-figure sale of

The domain name itself was owned by YALLA MISR for Communication Technology (S.A.E), an affiliate of El_Kharafy Group, was established on April 8, 1999 and is holding a Class A license from the Telecom Regulatory Board. YALLA MISR is one of the top five Internet Service Provider in Egypt that combines the best of customer-oriented management, user-focused marketing with leading-edge technology.

Looking at the domain name doesn’t appear to have been developed greatly or brought up to Web 2.0 never mind Web 3.0 standards, it looks like it was last updated around 2009 when the website copyright reflected that year according to archive records last year.

It shall be interesting to watch and see who did acquire or even if the sale completes, the fact that the final domain name bid ends in 888 makes me think a Chinese buyer might have acquired the domain name, however again I can’t confirm this but 8 is lucky in Chinese culture and we have seen many historical Chinese sales end in 888.

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