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Final tally on 2021 domain name sales and how they compared to 2020 (Plus our domain investor of 2021)

2021 Domain Name Sales

We now have a complete picture of 2021 domain name sales, when things are being put out as a year end on December 31 or Jan 1, it misses the last reports of the year from Sedo, (came out Jan 6) and Ron over at DN Journal getting his last report out.

For a look at the big trends of 2021 you can check out 2021 year in review.

Looking at Namebio as the source for all reported sales in our reporting. 2021 was an up year for all ofthe most popular extensions.

.Com you will see in the chart below was up in number of sales and dollar volume by 20,000 sales and $40m in dollar volume. There were 13 seven figure .com sales, no other extension had one.

.Net was almost identical in number of sales but up by $1.1m thanks in large part to the $750,000 sale of

.Ai was the only extension that had more reported sales at Namebio in 2020 vs 2021. .Xyz and .io had breakout years. .io saw an increase of $2.8m in dollar volume, .xyz almost a 20x increase.

I think a breakdown of the numbers helps everyone cut through the noise, or realize they might only be hearing one side of the story on an extension, that goes both ways too, uninformed proclamations about an extension, or over the top hype.

The great keywords are selling, the tech, Web 3 names are selling. But there are 365 days in a year and you can see some extensions don’t even average 1 per day, ( I know, I know everyone has a friend who is killing it in an obscure extension but doesn’t report it, for whatever reason. But we can only discuss what’s known, not all the unknown.)

For me the domain investor of the year was Swetha from For this award I will be making $100 donation in her name to St. Jude. I personally think her 2021 was one for the ages, I have no vested interest in .xyz, I own 1. I think her willingness to have a plan and stick to it is admirable, I don’t know if I owned 1000’s of names in an extension, and there were 19 reported sales in that extension if I would stick with the extension, maybe but I know I am not sure.

Extension 2021 Total Sales 2020 Total sales 2021 Dollar Volume 2020 Dollar volume
.com 128,575 108,791 $145m $105.8m
.net 3,375 3,370 $4.3m $3.2m
.org 6,624 6,031 $6.8m $5.6m
.io 2,240 1,220 $4.2m $1.4m
.ai 1,187 1,386 $1.2m $1.1m
.tv 274 187 $448,100 $269,300
.co 1,512 1,096 $3.1m $1.5m
.xyz 568 96 $1.9m $108,200
.club 212 141 $729,300 $355,200
.de 709 607 $3.1m $2.7m
.vc 172 81 $319,000 $65,800
.gg 309 172 $260,100 $106,400
.info 400 397 $197,700 $185,900
.us 226 153 $238,000 $166,00
.app 107 75 $355,400 $389,200

all sales data provided by Namebio

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is to be taken as investment advice. Domain investing involves risk and for the most part domain names are not very liquid. Do your homework and don’t buy what you can’t afford to have tied up for some time.

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