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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, January 9th, 2022

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone that commented here or on Twitter.

Speaking of warm, this is my first winter living in central Vermont–I’m originally from the south east and I’ve been doing OK, but the high temperature for this coming Tuesday is a devastating -3 degrees. For the high. Like, that’s the most degrees we’re going to get for a period of 24 hours–that just blows my mind.

If I don’t show up with a post on Thursday, you can assume what might have happened…

Before going into today’s list, I wanted to share some of my favorite domains that I own. I thought this would be a good way to get to know me, to see what kind of names I own and why I like them.

Unlike Shane, I don’t have any 100% knock-out .com names. My best domain is a .org (and I think everyone is sleeping on .orgs and they are the best extension after .com, fight me, but it’s OK, no need to go and start bidding on those .orgs, they are worthless, don’t even think about it, dawg).

I don’t own any 3-letter domains, don’t own any numbers. I mostly don’t hold any alt-gTLDs.

But here are a few that I own and that I’m sort-of OK talking about…

Strawberry•org — I think this one speaks for itself. The best fruit, the best flavor of Starburst, I think the .org extension works well. I’m happy to hold this one for decades…

FLVR•com — love it as a brand. I want to build something cool on this one some day–that’s why I’ve got a ridiculous price on it @ afternic. Anyone dumb enough to give me six-figures for this name (which is very much NOT worth six figures)… I’ll take it!

HempAcademy•com — Solid name that I think someone will love to have someday. I have several hundred cannabis-related domains that I mostly don’t talk about…

GrassX•com — big fan of <keyword>X domains. This one is short and punchy.

I also own a decent collection of psychedelic-related domains that I paid a god damned lot of money for, and probably won’t be ready for prime-time sales for another decade or two, but I’m playing the long game with these (and, ideally, will build some amazing sites that take the value beyond what I ever would have gotten for the domains themselves… like I said in the last post: I’m a hoarder with big dreams to build out these sites (but I have actually done this in the past, with big exits, so it’s not entirely a stupid dream)…

PsilocybinTherapy•com — gonna be a huge industry, and I’ve got the category killer SEO lead-gen name for it.

PsilocybinX•com — love that ‘X’

I’ve also got a few of the most popular strains of psilocybin-containing mushrooms (which, like cannabis is mostly bullshit, but very widely used) such as LibertyCap(s)•com, GoldenTeacher•com, and more.

So that’s a look at what kind of portfolio I hold. I want to hear from you, though. Post a comment with your most valuable or favorite domain name (just one!) and tell me why. Genuinely curious.

Don’t try and sell your names in the comments, though. I won’t approve those comments and will make fun of you in private. But DO share your fave and why. ? Names at Auction – not much going on today at Park, but this name is pretty… bad ass.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction – something something art + finance $$$ – for your geo portfolio. Fun fact, this is one of the top 10 cities I want to visit, but haven’t (checked off my #1 city in summer 2019: Copenhagen!) – same–for your geo ‘folio. I’ve been to Jamaica via a cruise ship. Super basic, I know…

Make sure to keep the blog going and visit below ??????????????

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Job’s Done: pay me! Could be a good money collection platform or… invoicing software brand? Kind of weak, though… – I like this as an ecom name, for sure. Selling little carvings, tools to do woodworking, building materials, etc. It’s not a clever name: clever is overrated when it comes to branding. This is a solid, straight-forward brand. – Not a fan of the back-to-back “c” — but I love candy and I love this name. Organic candy? You mean I can save the earth AND eat this butterscotch? I’m all in. Another straightforward, no bullshit brand. Sounds like a video rental store you’d find the characters going to in Stranger Things Season 11 which would take place in like 1995 to rent videos. Could be a nice nostalgic-like movie experience, but probably it’s not worth spending too much on… – A nice name that evokes the “Buy Local” campaign, though I’m not sure what kind of business this could be. Ship Local? IDK, intercity food delivery maybe? Got a nice sound to it. – Nice one-ish word brand. Sounds like Falcon, but you can get it cheaper with an “a” on the end. – Pretty decent career-related brand. Sounds like the opposite of a job board–maybe a more appropriate brand for something like an UpWork or a, where you go to find a pool of talent or experienced people you can quickly hire for a gig. I like it. – Without camel case this looks pretty bad: privateinc — but if you use camel case and you say it, it feels like a super privacy/VPN-focused brand name. You could do A LOT worse than this domain… – a competitor to

And Now: Every .com Domain Expiring At GoDaddy Auction Tomorrow That Has a Few Bids:

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