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14 end user domain name sales up to €37,500

A vacation rentals site, a game developer and an IP law firm bought domain names.

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Creating these end user lists is going to continue to get more challenging. First, there was GDPR, which eliminated public info in most Whois records. Now, GoDaddy is setting all of its registrations to private by default. Previously, GoDaddy still left the organization and state/country public on U.S. Whois records. I could work with that to figure out who bought a domain sometimes. Now, I’ll only be able to figure out who bought domains that are at GoDaddy if they resolve to active websites.

Take Sedo’s top public sale this week,, for $78,000. It has Domains By Proxy in Whois. The buyer might have signed up for the paid privacy even if GoDaddy didn’t add it by default, but they might not have. It still points to Sedo parking, so it’s impossible to figure out who bought it.

I thought GDPR would kill these lists. It didn’t. Neither will GoDaddy’s change, but it will likely reduce this list by a couple of sales each week.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. €37,500 – This domain is German for microfiber. The domain forwards to, which sells microfiber cloths. €12,000 – Beats Radio is a station in Germany. It forwards this domain to $9,995 – The buyer is setting up a site about coffee. $8,750 – Promocodex International S.R.L has a coupon site, and it appears kortingscode is related to coupon codes. EUR 6,500 – This long domain translates to “holiday apartments timmendorfer strand”. It resolves to a website for vacation rentals. £5,890 – Kolster is an IP law firm. It forwards this domain to $5,000 – Ksaar is a no code software development platform. It forwards this domain to $3,999 – Super Gaming is an Indian gaming company. It is working on a new game called Indus – Battle Royale. $3,655 – Meanwhile, and Network Solutions continue to publish complete Whois records. So we know the buyer here is the president of a community bank in Florida. It’s not clear if this domain is related to that bank or if he registered it for something else. $3,500 – Fullsoft is a women’s leggings and pants brand. €3,250 – LHS Electronics Enterprise in Singapore sells datacenter and networking products. $2,600 – KNBL SA in Belgium bought this domain. €2,450 – This word translates to endocrine, relating to or denoting glands which secrete hormones or other products directly into the blood. A health clinic in Brazil bought the domain. $2,200 – QF Holdings LLC in Pennsylvania, a company formed last year, bought this domain.

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