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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Shane, your blog posts are still using 2021 in the title and URL–13 days into 2022 ?

Does anyone read these intros?

I wanted to say something that I thought of, that probably no one else did (it’s one of those brain things like “yeah thanks, brain, I didn’t think of that, thanks for bringing it up at 11:30 p.m. after lights out).

Some of these names I share with you, I super love them. Some of them, well, they’re not for me, but I see can see their value to others (in theory). Some of them I hate and I make sure to say so.

But that’s not very entertaining, is it?


How about this:

Did you know that most southern states have their own unique barbecue sauce? I’m not talking about KC vs. Texas or whatever, check this out:

South Carolina style barbecue (where I’m from) serves a mustard-based barbecue that everybody loves (and is the best barbecue, fight me).

North Carolina specializes in a peppery, vinegar-based BBQ sauce in the eastern half, and the same thing in the western half, but the sauce is more tomato-y.

Kentucky has a worcestershire-based sauce fairly unique to the state.

Alabama is famous for it’s white barbecue sauce AKA mayonaise-based BBQ sauce.

I had heard most of this before, but wanted to be able to cite SOME kind of source, so here’s an article that talks about it.

Here are some domain names at auction today. Names at Auction – Not a very positive-sounding name, but it’s got some big bids. I guess people love their one-word .io domains! – Oil change me… not quite a domain hack, huh? – Another sort of negative connotation word, but taken literally (glaciers!) it becomes a clean, all-natural brand–brand colors in cold shades of blue and white.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – It’s got BTC in it so… bid on it. And buy the dip! lol – You’re gonna make it out here in LA we’re ALL gonna be professional actresses someday. – Ka-POW! Nice one-word .io. Good brand, like it a lot.

NameJet – It’s a .net (ew) but it’s a cool word. Dinosaurs and stuff! There was actually a tree pruning/removal service where I used to live called this. Probably has some sort of commercial use. Good domain (for a .net). – A bad trippie = a baddie. Someone gonna pick this up to feature their Paradise Trippies? – Another .net, but a big SLD–not sure about commercial use cases tho. – Nice .com. Would be a great name for a marketing/Ad agency. ? – Come on down to the silly pig and try and Carolina Gold barbecue sauce. Yeah, I’d eat there. – I know your brain wants to be like “effluent, that’s like a luxury/rich word, I think?” but no, sometimes words are tricky. You’re thinking of Affluent. Effluent is basically sewage. Not a great brand…

Sedo – 4-letter .com, what could it stand for? How about… Luxury Cats Las Vegas? It’s a cat name. – Lighting specialists gonna be in big demand over the next decade as everyone sets up their own at-home-grow room.

Make sure to keep the blog going and visit below ??????????????

Godaddy Domains With Bids – something something three characters. People seem to like short domains…

FruitShop – I like it! I’m partial to fruit names due to my marketplace: Juice Market (sells sites with SEO authority). FruitShop is a great brand for a fruit shop. Or other! – Another four letter, let’s see… My Farm, My Cow. It’s a cow domain. – This is 100% the name of a fitness newsletter that hasn’t been made yet. OR HAS IT. – This is not how you spell Elixir. – Wonderful brand. Has good energy. Like it a lot. – Ad/marketing forum or paid slack group. – You know there are people out there known as “The Prof” because they are smart and people are bad at coming up with good, original names. – Didn’t we do WoodShop or something last week? Another good woodworking name! – Great play on words–great health/body brand. – It does what it says, and it says what it is, but it’s not a very inspiring brand that people will wear on their hats and shit… – 10/10 name. Rhymes. Lab names are hot. Great brand. – Religious name I guess? You just have to capitalize Him or else it’s like, a really bad, knock-off perfume brand that smells like sport deoderant and desperation. – The good times, you can read about them here. Or, cannabis. – Names like this were pretty hot back in the day. They seems to have made a bit of a comeback lately due to a recent Google update that’s rewarding small niche sites over big humungous brands (but the cynic in me says “that’s temporary, dawg.” – I don’t know what a shrimple is, but I’m not eating one. You can if you wanna, though. I’ll judge you, but you shouldn’t care about that…

Names Without Bids (for now…) – Great sleep brand, great price (at time of writing). – There’s a business near us called SHEEP SHOP. It’s a lot of fun to say., not really an upgrade… – I really don’t think .me domains have a great use-case in building sites on them, but Magpie is such a great SLD you might could get away with trying… – .US has a much better case to make when it comes to businesses being built on them–this one is a 10/10 brand for someone’s small cleaning service.

A Massive List of Names With Bids–Step Right Up, Don’t Be Shy, Come and Try Your Luck at Domain Name Investing!

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