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We all love our Granny’s

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The domain name Gran.com just sold for $90,000 USD by Domainhub.com which is owned and operated by Gary Willicott who has been in the domain name industry since 2003.

DomainHub.com was not always known as Domain Hub it used to be known as Jimmy.com but Gary successfully sold that domain name to world-famous snooker player Jimmy White in 2016 and had to rebrand his platform to DomainHub.com

Gran is a popular term used across the world especially in the UK and is short for Grandmother / GrandMa or as we say in Scotland more often Granny!

The domain name Gran.com has been registered since 28th of February 2004 and I am unsure if it has remained in Gary’s portfolio that whole time or if he acquired it himself after the registration date, The Buy It Now Price on his website was $2,000,000 Million USD so the buyer certainly got a great deal when they purchased Gran.com

The new owner already has redirected the domain name, Gran.com to their website GranCursosOnline.com.br more about them is noted below

Gran Cursos Online is one of the largest EDTechs in Brazil, having registered very high growth rates in recent years. Our purpose is to transform lives through education and technology. The company emerged from an initiative by entrepreneurs Gabriel Granjeiro and Rodrigo Calado, who, although young, have together more than 20 years of experience in the public tender market. The project’s objective is to democratize education in a way never seen before in the country, offering innovative tools and excellent educational content for all who seek a better future.

Gran Cursos Online offers more convenience, savings and time savings to contestants who cannot attend face-to-face classes and do not have access to preparatory schools in the places where they live.

The professors at Gran Cursos Online are renowned professionals who work in the main public agencies, autarchies, state-owned companies and public institutions in Brazil. The pedagogical team has decades of experience in competitions and is concerned with serving our demanding student well.

Congratulations to Gary Willicott / DomainHub.com on the sale of Gran.com and to the new owners of this amazing four-letter dot com! Read our latest domain name posts about this dot-org domain name in auction.

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