Thursday , March 30 2023

Web3 companies snap up domain names – end user sales

Several Web3 companies were among end user buyers at Sedo this past week.

Picture of hundred dollar bills with the words "end user domain sales"

If you use the term Web3 to encapsulate cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and decentralization, then it’s clear that Web3 companies are very active in the domain aftermarket lately. You’ll see it in the list below.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $25,000 – FanDuel group bought this domain that was registered last year. I’m surprised it didn’t go with a UDRP. It must have needed the domain in a hurry. €11,000 – Metanomic says it’s a metaverse and web3 economy solution for developers. It forwards this domain to $8,500 – continues to snap up contest domains at Sedo. £8,000 – It’s not clear who bought the domain, but they created a website in honor of the late Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba. $8,000 – Sigma DT Robotics forwards this domain to its website at $7,700 – eyeNjoy is a vision screening technology. This domain forwards to the company’s website at $6,025 – Canadian software firm Expert Systems Inc. .Ag is the country code domain for Antigua and Barbuda and is often used for agricultural businesses. $4,990 – Realting Projects is a real estate marketing firm in India. I’m not sure what it will use this domain for. €4,500 – Membershop is a clothing site. It forwards this domain to $4,500 – As best I can tell, the Kvanto Corp Ltd listed in Whois is a rental car company. $4,500 – Mystic Moose Inc. bought this for Planet Mojo, which it says is a player vs. player (PvP) cross-platform auto chess game reinvented for blockchain, allowing players to own their game characters (as NFTs) and play-to-earn in ongoing tournaments. It forwards the domain to $3,199 – The buyer has uploaded a PulsHealth logo and says the website is coming soon. €3,000 – Wiener Zeitung GmbH is a media company in Austria. It has a program called Media Hub. €3,000 – Vibes offers “on-chain trust for massive, open, decentralized communities.” In other words, it’s a Web3 company. $3,000 – The buyer is listed as Kirill Zalipaev in Kiev. This seems to be the same person who bought $2,800 – Xeno Digital Media in Israel bought this domain. €2,500 – German data science company paretos GmbH. £2,200 – SAP consultant Marvin Epping in Germany bought this domain and forwards it to his LinkedIn profile. €2,000 – Pixelpay is a service of Monneo. It’s a payment ecosystem for advertisers, networks & publishers.



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