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These Domain Names Are Not for Sale!

I have come across quite a few domain names that are not for sale. Sometimes this means the right offer hasn’t been made, but it can also mean that the domain name is actually not for sale regardless of how much money is offered. Perhaps the domain name is being used for something but prospective buyers simply think that is just a stumbling block. Maybe the owner doesn’t need money. There are many reasons for why someone won’t sell a domain name.

Many longtime domain registrants have been so inundated with unsolicited inquiries and offers, so they put a “not for sale” type of message on their landing page. It’s probably not a complete deterrent, but I am sure it does a good enough job of keeping some people away.

I went through some of the landing pages for exceptional domain names that aren’t for sale, and here are some of the best domain names that you can’t buy:“Even though I’m not always 100% attentive to my blog or whatever I decide to do with at a given moment, it’s not for sale. – “Some people don’t understand this domain name is not for sale – “This domain name is NOT for sale. Please do not call to inquire… – “This Domain Name is not for sale, please do not send me e-mails asking me to sell it to you. – “This domain name is not for sale.“No, the domain name is not for sale. – “This Domain is Not For Sale” – “Domain is NOT for sale. Don’t ask.”

I think the award for the best “not for sale” page goes to, which has a lengthy message about the domain name. Here’s an excerpt:

The domain is not for sale. Really.
I have had the domain for a long time and I have never held it for sale. The registration email address was “[email protected]” . I have no intention of advertising that I am interested in selling it. I have no intention of selling it.

“We have established what you are, madam. We are now merely haggling over the price.”

There are a number of people who sent an email asking “really you wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars?” On the occasions I replied, these “high rollers” responded with offers that top out between 0.01% – 0.2% of the million about which they inquired. They want to make the point that it is for sale and they are just bargaining over price. My perception of their approach is that they believe their “superior” negotiating ability will get me to give the domain up for a small amount, as part of the bargaining. How did that plan work for each of them? I am controlling the content on this site, and they aren’t, you decide. If you want an answer the question “you wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars?” put a million US dollars in an escrow payable to me on transfer upon the domain, then you can get the answer to the question whether I would sell it for a million dollars.

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