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New Domainers Forum Launched –

It’s been a while since we saw another domain name forum popup, over the years we had which was also used to operate on the three-letter domain name that was sold off in 2015 and was run successfully for a number of years by Adam Dicker before it changed hands a few times and is now owned by Epik, which was founded by entrepreneur Rick Latona who now operates as well as a number of business, then we have the leading domain name platform which has become the goto place for domain investors for the past 7 or 8 years…

Well over the weekend, I came across a tweet by MapleDots who announced that he has now set up his own forum called, he already operates which operates primarily around the Candian ccTLD .ca, and also owns which forwards to

I have registered over at today and thought I would share this story, I still plan on using and don’t see that changing but its good to be on all of the domain name forums so you can stay close to the news and hear about what’s going on the different boards, how many people know about, its a UK based forum and there are so many more out there still, I would say sign up at but don’t limit yourself to one forum…

Frank aka MapleDots shared his first post about Red Light, Green Light… what he wants to accomplish with – I wonder if squid games aspired to that name… (Just Kidding)

Red Light – Green Light, you will know the difference soon enough.

Hello fellow members, by now you have probably thought this site looks a bit similar to namepros. That is actually a misconception because this site is built to be very different from namepros. Here at namepost we aim for a harmonious community that is able to moderate itself with as little to no interference from staff as possible.

I won’t get into the redlight details at namepros but will instead list some of the greenlight advantages for using That is why we chose green as our accent color which indicates our willingness to work with members.

1. Rules Rules Rules, everywhere rules… We have only one locked in rule
Criticize posts, not members. That is it, we will do our best to allow total freedom of expression whenever possible.

2. We do not use a public draconian warning system, we treat each member with respect and as a friend.

3. We will never censor out links to other websites or competing forums. We think cross platform sharing is a great thing.

4. The board will use PRIVATE MESSAGES not Direct Messages. In other words, all messages will be completely private and nobody will ever look at them or interfere with your private conversations. That is a guarantee and why we call them PRIVATE MESSAGES.

5. Sales topics will be open with discussions welcome. The domain owner can decide if they want discussions in their sales topic or not.

6. Will namepost be like namepros?
No… Not to worry, it is built to be totally different from namepros. That is the whole point, it offers users a choice for a more relaxed community experience.

7. We use green as our forum accent color to signal our willingness to work with member instead of scolding them.

8. Yes you can link to outside auctions while they are in progress and discuss the topic without fear of a warning. Will we have warnings? NOPE

9. Yes you can freely promote your domains or websites, in fact we encourage it.

10. No Impact scores, just straight forward post counts and likes.

11. Sales are private between members and you will NOT be scored publicly on your private dealings.

12. The site will have volunteer NP Guides instead of moderators that will GENTLY offer guidance to new domainers. Guides are volunteers that love to help other members and will give freely of their time.

13. Why? – Because it’s not namepros No moderators, no fees, no ads, no bs, just domains and great friends.

14. In fact most every rule at namepros does not apply here, we encourage our members to be free thinkers.

15. Buy & Sell NON RULES – Anyone buying or selling on namepost is welcome to do so, however the discussion is between the buyer and seller and we will not enforce nor mediate a sales agreement. This is a free market economy and as such we do not interfere with members ability to buy or sell on the platform.

16. We have removed all the complicated forum structures and made the site as easy as possible to navigate. The site is changing daily so feel free to make suggestions, we are here for you and we ARE listening.

17. Ads Ads Ads, everywhere ads… Nope not on namepost, our site is entirely volunteer funded and we may add a couple of sponsors but other than that the site will stay ad free and sponsors cannot intrude into your site experience.

18. Member charges for name changes… Seriously?… not with us… your name is your own and you are free to change it.

19. Member level charges? Nope, Nope, and Nope…. we love you just the way you are, who needs levels and gimmicks.

20. We will never have faceless moderator teams to scold you for your actions. If we have an issue one of our guides will contact you and try to negotiate a mutual resolution.

21. We respect your opinion at all times and will make the best effort to listen to the member instead of forcing a draconian warning system on them. We cannot imagine scolding our members in public with a RESTRICTED 35% designation. If another member has an issue with a sale they can post their experience and both members can reply. Both can state their point and other members can make up their own minds who to deal with or not.

22. Our NEW Chat Room is completely open and unlike our competing sites you can buy, sell, transact or talk about anything you like without worrying about a moderator scolding or warning you. Stifling free conversation is NEVER the answer and as long as you are civil to other members you are free to use chat as you see fit. Treating every member as an adult… imagine that?

23. A charge for a second account? Really? – at namepost we understand members have personal and business identities and you are welcome to make a personal and business account. We would never think about charging you for another account and all you need is a different email address to open a second account. As always, if you need to change the name of an account you can do that in your profile. Should it fall outside of our system parameters just contact one of our friendly guides and we will assist you in the process.

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