Sunday , March 26 2023 off to a hot January when it comes to .Xyz domain sales

xyz sales has already notched 100 .xyz domain name sales in the first 19 days of January. They had 183 .xyz sales in 2021 according to Namebio.

30 sales have hit the four figure mark. has been the highest sale at $7,350, other top sales include, and, it looks like that is up for sale at $25,000. Like .tv names aftermarkets should be alerting potential buyers to premium renewal fees.

A lot of sales at are names they caught, some sales are by customers using their platform to auction names. For example closed just now for over $2,500. 7,350 USD 2022-01-11 7,272 USD 2022-01-12 6,050 USD 2022-01-19 5,510 USD 2022-01-13 5,050 USD 2022-01-07 5,050 USD 2022-01-06 4,950 USD 2022-01-11 4,850 USD 2022-01-16 4,550 USD 2022-01-18 4,550 USD 2022-01-16

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