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An interesting post was shared on titled “.mv Maldivian domains, domain names the Maldives for Metaverse” the post was created by Igor Gabrielan and I have shared it below…

Recently, domainers and project owners have started registering Maldivian domain names .mv, given that MV is an excellent abbreviation for the Metaverse. This idea first appeared and was discussed on the threads of this forum

Metaverse ~~Showcase your names and Discussion Thread​

MV Domains (Metaverse) – Showcase and Discuss​

But due to the fact that these are threads for a broad discussion of domain names for the Metaverse, and the topic of Maldivian domain names has become popular, there is a need to create a separate topic for discussion of .mv domain names.

What do you think though we have seen other CCTLD’s such as .TV being picked and by production companies for promotion of TV Shows and then, of course, there have been new GTLD’s launched too with the same intention such as .Movie aimed at film and movie studios…

Will you invest in .MV domain names for Metaverse-themed domain names?

Not many registrars offer .MV domain name registration however our partner 101 Domain does offer this service by following the link below for .MV Domain Name Registration.International Domain Registration

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