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New Gtld sales start 2022 off strong with over $1m in January

New Gtld Domain Name Sales

Looking back at January there were 562 reported new gtld domain name sales at Namebio. This is compared to 453 in December. Sales totaled $1,096,809 vs $940,000. January saw the average price up $500 over December.

January was once again dominated by .xyz. 293 of the 562 were .xyz sales. Swetha with another big month. 79,888 USD 2022-01-04 69,888 USD 2022-01-21 50,000 USD 2022-01-05 49,888 USD 2022-01-27 27,888 USD 2022-01-21 27,888 USD 2022-01-17 27,888 USD 2022-01-10 27,888 USD 2022-01-04 20,000 USD 2022-01-07 Sedo 19,888 USD 2022-01-21


Average Sales Price: $2,498

A look back at December new gtld domain name sales

All sales data courtesy of Namebio

Note: There are many sales that are unreported each month. We cannot comment on the unknown, so we deal with what’s reported to and by reliable sources.

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