Saturday , March 25 2023

Disrupting the Private Domain Marketplace with — Neil Bostick » Kickstart Commerce

The domain industry has, is, and continues maturing in providing domain buyers and sellers frictionless marketplaces —,,, and to name a few.

Today’s podcast brand aims to not only add its brand to this list of innovative marketplaces but turn the private domain marketplace upside down with a paradigm shift of its own.

This newly launched brand,, aims to identify accredited buyers and sellers to confidentially acquire and liquidate the best domains on the internet. The paradigm shift: accreditation of buyers and sellers.

And just who is the person responsible for such a paradigm shift? Well, I’m glad you asked!

It’s none other than Neil Bostick. Neil Bostick is a serial entrepreneur, having held various corporate IT sales roles. Today, Neil is recognized as one of the domain industry’s top investing and brokerage professionals — founding and

Tune in and hear Neil and I discuss the “sleep and sell” story of his first-ever aftermarket buy and sell domain,

We then talk about how he initially invested in over 100 5-Letter .coms without a sale, and how this experience led him to buy and sell names on aftermarket platforms such as NameJet and Flippa.

And to round out our conversation and time together, Neil spills the beans on his latest innovative venture, the first private domain marketplace of its kind with buyer NDA exclusivity.

So hit play to learn more about the domain industry’s next disruption to the private domain marketplace. Cheers!


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