Monday , June 27 2022 tops February auctions at

The February .ai auctions wrapped up at and took the top spot at $6,510. There were 9 four figure sales this time around.

In total 34 names were auctioned and generated $36,000 in closing prices. .Ai has slowed down a bit over the past couple months as is the highest price name from auction at for the last 3 months. 6,510 USD 2022-02-07 5,560 USD 2022-02-07 5,165 USD 2022-02-07 1,999 USD 2022-02-07 1,504 USD 2022-02-07 1,501 USD 2022-02-07 1,285 USD 2022-02-07 1,160 USD 2022-02-07 1,111 USD 2022-02-08

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