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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Hey! I’ve got a treat for you today.

In an effort to give you a rest from the monotony of Shane and Ike and I, I have taken it upon myself to reach out to other amazing people in the domain investing space and convinced them to come here and brighten up your Thursday with a fresh perspective.

This will happen some or all Thursdays in a month, depending on how things shake out. I am calling this feature Shane For A Day, and our first Shane For A Day is Leanne McMahon. I’m super stoked to have her share some names and insights with you.

Take it away, Leanne…

I’m a freelance web designer and part-time domain investor. I’ve been exploring domains since the summer of 2020. In the summer of 2021 I had good success with outbounding geo service domains which allowed me to reinvest in my main portfolio. Thanks to that I have achieved monthly inbound sales since then.

My current focus is on the data behind the domains, using that as a platform to understand trends and patterns. I recently launched the website where I share this data daily for other domain investors to analyze through their own lens.

Leanne’s Picks:

Godaddy Auctions – 52 companies on Linkedin use this name and it’s registered in 49 other extensions. It has a Godaddy valuation of $10,533 and although that figure is off, it’s an indication that this isn’t a run of the mill domain and is worth a second look. Many of the top domain sales each day have a similar Godaddy valuation. It has been redirected to since 2004 so has a relatively clean slate. – A great surname and company name domain. There are over 11,000 professionals on Linkedin with the surname Winstanley and 150 companies on LinkedIn that use the name in their company. This name would be perfect for a tech company/tech freelancer with a connection to that name. –  A great brandable for a print or digital ad company. In the past 12 months 74 domain names have sold that end with the word ‘wise’. 59 of those were 2 word .coms like this. – 18 wikipedia backlinks, DA38 and 15 years old, this gives a good foundation for a brand new news site. The domain is generic enough for it to cover all aspects of news but it also lends itself to a soccer news site. Domains – Fantastic domain with a myriad of uses, from crypto and nft to software and science. Memorable, brandable and the plural works well for this name. This domain has no history and is a clean slate. Domains – We all know how eth.absolutelyanything will sell quickly for 4 figures so to have a tld that works well with the sld is a great opportunity.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled DSAD Names at Auction – Solid brand for a music app. Mozart is famous enough to make this work… – Two letter .vc names probably have value. Extra valuable if these are your initials.

Catched – Once upon a time there was a word that everybody really loved and when it would come up at auction nobody could help themselves but to bid upon it… This is that word. – Actually a thing: a book of public records

Sedo – Electric vehicle name? Nice and short, I like it. Dunno how you can brand the “9” in there, but super short EV name… – Nice 4-letter! CVCV, big value, probably (esp. since it is pronounceable).

Namejet – Great name to define a whole industry. Kind of a big reserve that no one is close to… – Would be a good brand if .com, not sure it is with the .org–but a few people disagree with me, which has been known to happen from time to time… – I actually do like this .org, even with the “the” on the front…

Make sure to keep the blog going and visit below ??????????????

GoDaddy Names at Auction – A fun WHAT? GoDaddy thinks this name has A LOT of value, do u? – For all you 4-number .com fans. I own zero of these cuz I’m a peasant. – Solid canna brand. I’m interested, but not at over a thousand, where it currently is. Good luck to y’all! – Great marketing name for something motherhood-related. – Good brand for a “how to get hired” kind of info blog. – Sounds like a cool name until you realize that the guy using it gave himself the nickname and he only holds like 14 thousand DOGE. – No thanks. Hard pass (not on the name, on the concept of a super virus). – Love it as a dev agency or app store marketing play. – Of what? Nice short two-word brand. – This name is one “0” away from being super cool. – I think there’s something wrong with yer pizza… – Super name, but not much you can do with it actually in America (I think?) for now… – Not a huge fan of .tv myself, but the repeating 3s sure are easy on the eyes. – I think you might doing it wrong… but if you frame it as “honest” or “transparent” could be a good ‘how to build a business/how to quit you job’ type of blog.

Godaddy Domains With Bids

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