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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 16th, 2022

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing too many things.

Not JUST because I have ADHD and a million unfinished project. Isn’t that just what entrepreneurs do??

I look at Shane’s posts, getting up at fuck-that O’clock to go RUNNING of all things, and then coming home and RUNNING several businesses and I don’t feel like my brain is as broken. Or at least, I’m in good company with good friends and we’re all broken together.

I love the work I do, but sometimes I’m just exhausted. That’s part of it too, right? This whole “being an entrepreneur on the internet” routine.

Or are we not supposed to say that?

Don’t show them any weakness. Flex 24/7.

Here’s what I’m up to:

I work as Director of SEO for a dev agency as my day job. I publish a fiction magazine about Death call The Deadlands (that you should go read and to subscribe to). I write for DSAD, and I write a once-a-week thread for an SEO Slack group. I bought an ecommerce store last November that does a pretty well for itself that I run, along with two employees. I have an SEO newsletter I’ve neglected lately, but love writing for. I have so many content/SEO websites in various stages of success and neglect (an SEO lead-gen site, a site about psychedelics, a site about cannabusinesses, and several more sites I’m definitely forgetting). There’s plenty more stuff in the works that I will be able to add to this list in the future.

Anyway. I don’t really have a super strong point here. I love hearing about what people are up, seeing people stay busy with projects that matter to them, because I feel that. I am that.

Here’s this week’s list: Names at Auction – What does it mean?! How about… Poetry License Renewal. Big industry. – Solid one-word. Rite of passage. – Everyone knows what it is, nobody loves it.

Catched – Put it in a rap song. E-Double-V-X-Y-Z. Could be an EV name if you squint… – A nice forgettable brand that no one will ever fault you for signing up to do business with.

And who do we have helping on the Williams account?

Digital Solutions.

Perfect. Have that TPS report on my desk by EoD. – Do one word .pro domains have any value? – Any at all? If so, here’s two of them!

Sedo – So far from the reserve that you need a telescope to see it. – An industry that will grow esp. with all the continuous glucose monitors coming out. Own the industry! – Swipe your card here to enter the Metaverse. Did you forget your card? We’ll let you in, but first watch this 90 second ad where Flo from Progressive gets scammed by some scary crypto hacker, but it’s OK, she’s covered by Progressive’s Cryptosurance, which is is a cool product name for their crypto insurance. THE FUTURE IS NOW. – Decent crypto news brand, IMO.

Namejet – The TV show or the emotion. – Like a cicada – Feels like there’s already someone in our industry that uses this? If not, decent brand!

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Big name. Big Bids. Big business. – Could be a name for ANYTHING. A beer company, a production company, a car wash, a deliver service… that’s a good sign. – Strive for it. While you struggle, read this blog about it! – OTN! What does it even mean?? On The Nose. (That’s a little OTN for me…) – If you can’t afford “” just pick up this name. Enter coupon code .NET at the checkout for your discount. – A gross…body thing, or a package, or a to describe an experience (but no one uses “blister” to describe an experience they use “blistering.”) – Some people love them. Some people sure do… – Whenever a hot new thing comes out in the news and you don’t already own the exact match, just staple keywords onto it–it doesn’t matter what order! You’ll never let a valuable name like that expired (he said, having done this very thing several times himself). – Sounds like a srs bsn medical company. Surely it’s a name someone will want at SOME point? – An SEO name. – lol. “Shut Up Digital.” We’ll help you reach a new audience but please STFU in the mean time. – Sounds like a blog that should exist, somewhere. Probably not a super high-value name… – Definitely has the feel of a tech brand to it. Nice alliteration too.

All of the Domain. ALL of them. With Bids. Big bids and little bids. A domain for every shape and size:

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