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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 20th, 2022

I don’t always have something to say…

We’ve got a super fun Shane For a Day guest post lined up for Thursday, so stay tuned for that.

To make up for my lack of conversation, here’s the great gif of all time for your enjoyment:

? Names at Auction – Pretty big keyword–everybody knows about tabs (and everybody’s got too many open!) – Could be a nice relaxtion/spa-type of brand. Renew yourself, at – Common term. Could make for an exciting brand…

Catched – A brand that means srs bsn, but can you spell it?! …can your customers? – Spanish… gaming name? A surprising number of bids (surprising to me at least). – Same… ? – Mexican restaurant name (I googled it)

Sedo – I tried to see why this name had a $10k bid, and this is about the only thing I could find:

Igry was recently coined by Francis Heaney and others with the meaning “painfully embarrassed for or uncomfortable about someone else’s incredibly poor social behavior, or descriptive of such poor social behavior.”

Is this one of those auctions where, if someone makes an offer you can kick it to auction? If so, I’m SHOCKED that the owner of this name did that. But hey, I’m a world-class pessimist, so I guess I’m just projecting… – The furniture. I guess you could build a ecommerce brand off of selling ottomans? It’s on the discount extension though, so you should sell discount ottomans. ?

Porn.Promo – Needs no promo, but maybe there’s money to be made there? – Please. No need to pitch me on crypto. Decent name for a PR service tho. Just don’t email me…

Namejet – not the fruit you think it is! That’s a Lychee. ? – Good name for a gaming site or a real estate site (virtual walkthroughs–it’s how we bought our new house in VT, virtual walkthrough, made an offer, and then visited). – Could be a good brand for a hall-of-fame type site or brand. “Be one of the greats, at

Godaddy Domains With Bids – It’s got a big GoDaddy valuation, but not a huge bid. I don’t really get it, name doesn’t resonate with me, personally, but I can see how it might make a decent brand, I guess? – Microchip-related tech? Sounds techy. – Means something related to “to exhale,” but doesn’t seem to be super common. You probably heard it last used as a character in the most recent Rick and Morty season. Blazen. – With the commonly-used “dashcam” to record in a car, I think “door cam” is a better name for doorbell cams, but I also guess… that the camera is not actually in the door? So just ignore me… – 91. – Could be valuable with a build-out. Otherwise… not a huge value. – Nice alliteration and the .org belongs here. – NFTs, probably. – OLD name. Not super amazing with the hyphen. WITHOUT the hyphen, a top 10 name for sure. – Sounds like the business name of that guy that won’t stop emailing you from on the deck of his “yacht” wanting to teach you EXACTLY HOW TO DO THE SAME! Sign up to learn from the Income Coach. – Nice concierge-sounding name. Something in the hospitality industry or an app that tracks flights or something. – Venus and Glow are both two stellar names, but together, well, I guess it could be a decent make-up or skincare brand? – Noun. A less-inspiring “moonshot.” Example: Since he hasn’t been able to find a job in over six month, I think affording tickets to SXSW is a bit of a beanshot. – SEO name. – My fave name on the list. Gaming brand all the way.

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