Friday , June 2 2023

How I Closed My Most Recent Deal

Last week before going on a quick family trip, I received a $1,000 offer to buy one of my domain names via I proposed a counteroffer to the prospective buyer, and he quickly declined. Because there was enough margin, I proposed a slightly better offer and did not hear back. I also increased the minimum offer amount just to just below the amount I proposed since that was the best deal I would give.

When I did not hear back after a couple of days, I retracted my offer. I kept the minimum offer the same and figured the prospective buyer might come back.

After a few days of silence, I decided that this was a good domain name for end user outreach. It is a replaceable inventory-quality domain name, and there were plenty of prospective buyers I could target via email. Using, I generated leads and sent emails to approximately 25 people. As it turns out, one of the prospects was the person who made the initial offer.

I won’t share the wording of the email I sent so it’s not replicated, but in short, I mentioned that I had received an offer and was looking for a better offer. I directed people to the page to add a bit of urgency. To me, this lets people know it’s available on a first come first serve basis and someone could swoop in and buy it immediately.

Within a few hours, I received a reply from the person who had made an offer via Dan. He offered me the same amount I had offered to him, but he asked if he could pay with a payment plan. I agreed, modified the listing, and directed him to return to the page to complete the purchase. Within a couple of hours the domain name was bought and transferred to

When I receive an offer on an inventory-quality domain name, I don’t mind doing some end user outreach to try and find a better deal. For one thing, it lets other prospects know the domain name is hot and desired by someone who could be a competitor. If the prospect who made the offer receives the email, it might light a fire under them to execute a deal before someone else grabs it. In addition, I can gauge the interest in this domain name based on offers or replies I receive.

All in all, this was a small deal at a little under $5k, but it’s nice cashflow on a domain name I can easily replace.

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