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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 27th, 2022

Hope everyone has a great Sunday ☀️ Names at Auction – short, is a word (but confusing with the letter, so it has that working against it). – ACR, what does it mean? – Great ‘microacquire’ type business or… a blog about the domain industry…

Catched – Could be a solid winter brand (weather, sports, recreation, clothing, etc.) – Getting some good action. – INCE, what does it mean?

Sedo – not quite the same word as “digitally” and way, way, way less valuable. – could be a nice site for writing about raising money…

Namejet – a sub category of the drone space (I think? I am not a drone person). Could be a good resource site. – Big category, long word. But the .org fits right in… – clearly a cryptocurrency brandable

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Valuable, valuable four-number domain. Getting some really nice bids. – Common saying, could be a really fun brand. – An… online plant store? I like it for an online plant store. Could also be an NFT blah blah brand, probably. – As they call in in Colorado, “Denver’s little sibling.” (They do not, in fact, call it that). – A lot of places are called “Galloways,” Google it. Also cows. – Love brands with “gold” in the name. “Bean” is not quite the most desirable word though… – Perfect name for a marketing agency or e-learning platform. – Just Do It. Nice little brandable. – Sounds fancy and tech-y. Please upgrade me to the prima volta package, thank you! (It’s actually a music/orchestra term). – A link building brand I would definitely (not) trust. – Can a super strong keyword like “vape” give this .mobi domain any value? No. No it cannot. – Love it as a rewards program software or something that would allow businesses to set up a starbucks-like reward system for their customers. – Ohhh. Not a very nice name, but could be a very fun brand. – The kinds of links people want (unless you’re a hardliner that says THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A DOFOLLOW LINK). – Love love love brand names with “golden” in them. Big fan.

Domains With Bids, Because Why Not?

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