Sunday , June 4 2023

Buying Domain Names via Secret Brokerage — Arif Sengoren » Kickstart Commerce

There is an art and science to buying and selling domains. More specifically, buying a domain name can be a frustrating and elusive process, to say the least.

Of course, this all depends on a number of factors — seller and buyer expectations, quality of domain, age of domain, domain profile (past/present/future), economic market, etc.

However, an affordable and efficient method for buying domains is enlisting assistance from a domain brokerage.

In today’s podcast, I’ll introduce you to a globally recognized domain name broker, and the founder and CEO of a boutique brokerage providing professional domain buyer, domain appraisal, domain portfolio management, and online brand protection services for select clients throughout the world.

Today’s guest, Arif Sengoren, shares how an architectural engineering career intersected with his becoming a globally recognized domain name broker of

We catalog his journey over the last decade or so, learning how get honed and refined his domain brokering skills working for Nokta Domains,, and Uniregistry before founding

Arif also shares why and how Secret Brokerage educates buyers to properly assess and appraise domains as assets when in the buying process.

We also discuss the potential avenues of success in 2022 that domain buyers, investors, and sellers should consider to realize lucrative gains.

So tune in and glean insightful wisdom and guidance for how you can demystify buying and selling domains, making for a frictionless experience. Enjoy!


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