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Why I Prefer Transfers at

It’s always nice to see the triple email string at notifying me that a domain name was sold on the platform. One of those messages is to ask how I would like to handle the domain name transfer. With most of my domain names registered at GoDaddy, I am given the choice of doing a push to’s holding account or sending the authorization code for an outbound transfer.

In the past, I would usually choose an internal transfer at GoDaddy. It is easy to do an account change, and I wouldn’t have to rely on another registrar’s processes to handle. The one thing to note is requests that sellers keep Whois information the same when pushing presumably so the domain name is not locked by GoDaddy following a Whois change. Here’s the note that is/was sent to sellers when the account change option was chosen:

“Important: select (Yes) while pushing the domain to copy the current domain information to the new account. We’ll edit the contact details of importance ourselves when accepting the domain in our account at Godaddy.”

One thing I noticed is that some buyers do not update Whois contact information once pushes the domain name to them. I do not believe this is the case when a buyer subsequently transfers a domain name to a different registrar. I notice this because I occasionally receive GoDaddy emails meant for the buyer of the domain name rather than for me, the previous registrant.

I presume asks buyers to update Whois records but perhaps buyers don’t follow these instructions. Maybe they intend to transfer the domain name out of GoDaddy and don’t want to lock it up for 60 days following a Whois change. I can’t really speculate since that’s not something I would do.

Because of this, I have opted to unlock my sold domain names and submit the transfer authorization code to Immediately after receiving the code, will generally initiate a transfer to their preferred registrar, Metaregistrar. Of note, on my last sale via last week, they sent the auth code to the buyer rather than initiating the transfer themselves. This slowed down the process slightly since I had to wait for the buyer to start the transfer.

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