Thursday , August 11 2022

Coinbase loses cybersquatting challenge

Chinese registrant argued it was in the physical coin base. But maybe not.

Logo for coinbase with the word coinbase in blue letters

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase lost a cybersquatting dispute against the domain name The company filed a complaint with National Arbitration Forum against the Chinese owner of the domain name.

The Respondent in the case said it has been operating as “Coinbase Studio” with a Chinese character since 2012. It also said it’s in a different business — coin trading and appraisal — than the popular cryptocurrency platform.

But Coinbase disputed the domain owner’s intentions. It said that the domain owner does business in the cryptocurrency space and that its alleged business is a scam. The Respondent seemed to admit to not just being a physical coin company when it retorted that it’s in the cryptography and blockchain business, not cryptocurrencies. Hmm.

Panelist Paul DeCicco decided that because the Respondent has a trademark for Coinbase, the complaint failed to show it lacks rights or legitimate interests.

It seems that this case would better be handled in the courts where discovery and cross-examination are possible.

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