Monday , August 15 2022

Mauritius challenges UK rights over Indian Ocean domain name

Mauritius wants control of .io

The Guardian published an article on .io and how the government of Mauritius wants control of .io.

I first wrote about it back in 2015, and then again in July of 2020. Fortune cane out with another article, the provocative title of, ‘Colonialism’ and crypto claims: Why the .io domain name extension faces an uncertain future

The Guardian writes:

Legal advice drafted in New York for Mauritius – and seen by the Guardian – shows that the government in Port Louis is considering how to enforce its online authority. It comes after after an expedition last month to raise its flag over the outer islands in the archipelago.

Mauritius’ strategic objectives are to “end the use of .io domain name by the United Kingdom or any entity acting on its behalf and to secure for the government of Mauritius revenues generated by any further use of the .io domain name”.

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