Thursday , August 11 2022

Tiny Upgrades to |

A year and a half ago, Andrew Wilkinson, Co-Founder of a company called Tiny, shared some thoughts about how he felt when someone referred to his company as “Tiny Capital,” because the company’s slightly off-brand domain name was

After seeing the tweet in 2020, I followed up by asking Andrew how much his company would pay for if it were to ever become available to purchase, but he did not reply to my tweet. This morning, Andrew announced that his company acquired

It looks like Tiny is already making good use of In fact, the company’s website has been re-located to from Going forward, the company will have fewer people who think its brand name is Tiny Capital.

I don’t know how much Tiny paid to acquire, but I am sure this valuable domain name had a substantial acquisition cost. Andrew didn’t share the sale price (yet), but he did briefly comment on how the purchase process went:

I already added this upgrade to the list of companies that upgraded their domain names.

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