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There are many perceived end user sales that are merely domain investors buying

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So there is a thread I was reading today on Namepros where a member posted that they looked at a premium sales and they weren’t developed some two years later.

I just spent over an hour looking up domains that sold over 2 years ago for over 10k. Almost every domain goes to either a parked page or doesn’t resolve.

Many times these things come up where people question sales because they are not developed or because they don’t like the extension they cannot believe the sale is real. Swetha gets a lot of that backlash, though I myself have documented plenty of her sales that are developed.

Sometimes someone goes on a rant, and the person they questioned has their friends get pissed, doxx that person and they are never heard from again.

But when we look at domain name sales in the $10K to $50K price range, that might be a lot of money for many in the business, so much so that they figure the sale must be an end user.

That’s really not true at all, many domain investors drop big money on domain names and their only desire is to resell. was sold for $90,000 by Grit Brokerage in 2020. The second time a sale was reported on It sold for $23,600 in 2007.

The domain name moved from 123 reg to GoDaddy and put up an EPIK landing page offering the domain for sale. It’s now on a Sedo landing page. So while most domainers cannot afford $90K as an investment, this buyer can. went for $51,101 at GoDaddy auctions. The domain name is now currently for sale on a Uniregistry lander. sold for $43,000 and it too was bought by an investor. Listed for sale with a unique lander. This same buyer paid $43,805 for went for $25,500 at GoDaddy auctions and is now listed for sale at $888,000 on a Uniregistry lander. sold for $120,000 in December 2020 on Sedo, the buyer was Brent Oxley. For sale. sold for $12, 205 must be an end user with a new start up tying artificial intelligence and wealth management together right? Wrong, Logan Flatt a domain investor who has it for sale at $390,000. sold for $500,000 in 2006 and has been sitting at Sedo for 16 years.

I could go on and on, the bottom line is there are many deep pocketed domain investors who spend a lot of money on domain names. You are always going to encounter $10K + domain name sales that are just sitting parked or not resolving that are owned by investors.

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