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Easter Themed Domain Names – Who Owns Them & Are They Developed?

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Happy Easter to all who celebrate this weekend, back in 2020, I wrote this post and thought why not revisit it to see if there have been any changes with the ownership of these domain names noted below.

Most people nowadays search on or for Easter Eggs, Easter Activities and want to create their own Easter Egg Hunt, but what could these domains be used for instead, is there an opportunity for these domain owners to make some additional monies from them during the month March and then switch them back? – Owned by Hallmark Inc, back in 2020 – The site was down for maintenance when we ran this post but fast forward to 2022 and the domain name is now back online and is used as a redirect to

Hallmark Cards Owns – Greg McLemore of WebMagic Ventures, LLC, currently forwards to another domain Greg’s company owns – Scott Day of DigiMedia owns Easter Sunday and has the domain name parked at present. – NameFind / GoDaddy (Ex Frank Schilling Portfolio Domain) has moved from a Uniregistry Lander to an Afternic NameFind Lander. – Parked at Uni, Ownership not confirmed but believe it to be NameFind has moved from a Uniregistry Lander to an Afternic NameFind Lander.

Did you think of any different domains to the ones above? I know you could go into these types of domains Easter Movies, Easter Blanket, Easter Outfits, Easter Dress Up etc, I do think the best of the bunch naturally is and it’s great that an end-user owns it being Hallmark Inc, I can’t see any public record of ever being sold if anyone knows how much it went for it lets discuss below.

An early record back in 1998 shows was redirected to and the owner then appeared to be

See this snapshot back then you could get 2 domains for only $7.5K – WOW!

It then appears around 1999 – The domain changed ownership and forwards to landing page according to history, meaning Hallmark has owned this domain for around 21 years approximately.

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