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Unfinished domains: acronym is explained

Rick Schwartz promised lots of surprises when launches on Monday, April 18th, to a select few cowboys.

A couple of these surprises were revealed today!

The Domain King’s new brokerage venture is an acronym, apparently, as STUD stands for Strategic Toolbox for Unfinished Domains.

Enhancing the STUD acronym, Rick Schwartz secured the domain

The domain was registered in July 2021, so Rick has had this idea of “unfinished domains” for a while.

The second surprise involves the addition of a video pitch for domain submissions. In other words, those who would use as their domain brokerage platform, will be able to upload a video about the domain, explaining its value and more.

Now that’s way cool.

We’re looking forward to the official launch of and the grand opening of the royal stables! ?

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