Thursday , August 11 2022

Swetha does it again this time sell for $60,000 USD

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We all might be getting fed up with hearing the sales from Swetha but I love seeing other domain name investors succeed from their domain name investments, Swetha aka DN Gear has just published a few more XYZ domain names sales including – Over $200,000 USD this month from her portfolio and that’s the sales she has published, I wonder if more go under NDA? $60,000 $7,888 $110,000 $9,888 $8,000 $7,900 $7,500 $6,100 $5,500 $5,000

I say again as I have mentioned many times before congrats to Swetha and if you want to invest in XYZ then follows this link for the best prices from as little as 99 Cents.

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