Thursday , August 11 2022

Firefox celebrates the release of version 100

Firefox celebrates the release of version 100

It’s the centennial release for Firefox, that has reached the milestone of version 100.0 today.

It took only 17 years, apparently, as the first version was rolled out in 2005. Firefox celebrated the release of Firefox 100 with a pop up right in the browser:

Hello, we’re excited to release the 100th version of Firefox!

Thank you to everyone who got us here: To every employee past and present who played a role in delivering Firefox—thank you for your grit and hard work. To every contributor who championed open source, thank you for turning a browser into a movement!

Finally, thanks to every user of Firefox—thank you most of all. We didn’t get here—17 years and 100 versions later—without your support. Your choice to use Firefox contributes directly to a better web, keeping it open and accessible to all. It is with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation that we will continue fighting for this global public resource, putting people over profits.

Over the years, we noted several releases of Firefox. How time flies!

Thank you Firefox and here’s to the next 100!

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