Monday , June 27 2022 tops May auctions at

The May .ai auctions wrapped up at and took the top spot at $26,916, was right behind at $24,010. Those were the only five figure closes.

In total 69 names were auctioned and generated $74,800 in closing prices. With all the hoopla with numeric .eth lately I was surprised by how poorly the fared. for only $120.

Top 10 26,916 USD 2022-05-02 24,010 USD 2022-05-02 2,260 USD 2022-05-02 2,009 USD 2022-05-02 1,715 USD 2022-05-03 1,481 USD 2022-05-02 1,006 USD 2022-05-02 1,004 USD 2022-05-02 1,002 USD 2022-05-02 878 USD 2022-05-02

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