Wednesday , August 17 2022

Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, May 8th, 2022 Names at Auction – would make a good .com I know that, but what about a .io? – NNN–too bad it’s not a .eth I guess – good synergy with a .io

Catched – 100,000 one hundred thousand (.xyz) – sounds crypto-enough to work with xyz – one more xyz for you–is memorable, at least!

Sedo – let’s bring it back! – I’ll take a help, please. – one “n” away from being a seven-figure name. So how much is that “n” worth?

Namejet – cannabis? dogs? – cut the cord – can the “NFT” keyword carry a two-word .net? (probably not)

Godaddy Domains With Bids – technically a word, but not a common one – lot of money in this space… – i like it for a productized home renovation service – really like this brand – really solid one-word .org that works with the TLD. Not as good as experience•org, but not bad. Probably worth more than the current bid… – you know this is a high quality business–all sunlight, no shadiness here… – for when you’re doing a movie, drinking Soda at the Burger Joint and you just got accepted to English University. – the job you work while attending English University – get that alpha – no one knows how to spell odyssey. It folds in out itself like the 5th or 7th dimension in a way that human brains can’t conceive of – house… selling house thing. I’ve gone through the sale and purchase of two houses in my life and that’s the best I can do. – the same as regular advertising but everybody is smoking – Nice brand–not convinced everyone will know how to spell gourmet, but the target audience of this site… probably does. – sing us a song, you’re the pian-net man

With Bids: All the Rest of the Domains With the Bids

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