Thursday , August 11 2022

Top Podcast Downloads for April » Kickstart Commerce

Here’s a look at the top 5 podcasts for Kickstart Commerce in April, ranked by the total number of monthly downloads:

Buying Domain Names via Secret Brokerage — Arif Sengoren // Tune in as Arif and I discuss the potential avenues of success in 2022 that domain buyers, investors, and sellers should consider to realize lucrative gains.

The 50/50 Approach to Bulk Domain Portfolio Investing with Deepak Daftari // Tune in as Deepak generously shares his latest domain sales and pricing strategies, based on his 50/50 approach to bulk domain portfolio investing.

Selling Domains Using The Dan Outbound Method with Alex Verdea // Tune in as Alex shares how he overcomes objections during the domain negotiation process, and how it led him to close a deal after 32 attempts.

Domain Outbound Strategies and Best Practices to Sell Domains with Jason Eisler and Yogi Solanki // Tune in as Jason and Yogi share the best tunes of media, tools, days/times and more to realize efficient domain outbound marketing sales. In addition, they also shed light on the three (3) rules of domain sales engagement: relationship, education, and the close.

Disrupting the Private Domain Marketplace with — Neil Bostick // Tune in as Neil spills the beans on his latest innovative venture, the first private domain marketplace of its kind with buyer NDA exclusivity.

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