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Pfizer owned

Pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, owns and operates domain names related to its core business.

They often register domains proactively and to support their tool chest of Pfizer trademarks.

Registering or acquiring generic domain names is also an approach that pharmaceutical companies do.

An example is the domain, an exact match of the phrase “four times a year.

Why would Pfizer register such a domain that does not directly incorporate an existing trademark or brand?

Here’s the story:

More than 20 years ago, Pfizer launched Depo-Provera, a birth control shot that basically kills the woman’s eggs. Without eggs, there is no risk of a pregnancy happening and with four injections administered annually this birth control method appears to be effective.

Pfizer renewed the domain for many years, until it dropped it sometime in the 2010s. Whoever registered this generic exact match domain isn’t Pfizer.

We doubt that having a Covid-19 vaccine will be needed “four times a year” but sometimes it’s smart for companies to hold onto such IP assets indefinitely, regardless of use.


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