Thursday , August 11 2022 – $7.5 Million Sale

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Many of us know the domain name was sold on the 23rd of May 2006 for a whopping $7.5 Million USD, In today’s money using a basic inflation calculator in today’s money would make the sale approx $12.5 Million USD of course, the sale didn’t take place in 2022, it was 2006.

What always surprises me though on these multimillion-dollar domain name sales, is that as an example just has a simple GoDaddy Lander, No PPC, and is not developed.

The domain name was last year being offered for sale via the domain name brokerage, however, I don’t recall ever seeing an update on the sale of the domain name.

The owners of, I still believe are Diamond LLC which at one time also owned the premium domain name, It was sold most recently for $3.5 Million USD in 2018.

Check out these domains in auction at GoDaddy today, could you find the next Diamond In The Rough below?



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